Thursday, 30 March
6:30 pm
45 boulevard de la Liberation
13001 Marseille, France

In commemoration of the 41st anniversary of Land Day and to close Israeli Apartheid Week, the General Union of Palestinian Students in France (GUPS Aix-Marseille) invites you to an evening of tribute to Basel al-Araj and Palestinian youth resistance.


*Screening of “When I Saw You” by Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir (VOSTFR 98 minutes, 2012)

Tarek lives with his mother Ghaydaa in a Palestinian refugee camp. This film is set just after the 1967 war. Both Tarek and Ghaydaa await the arrival of their father and husband every time a new group of refugees arrives in the camp. Tarek is tired of waiting and does not understand why he cannot go home. He escapes from the camp and is lost; he is met by a group of “fedayeen” resistance fighters who bring him to their camp.

A film of exile reflective of its director, a contemporary refugee. Her films relentlessly call for the right of return, free movement and recognition of Palestinian heritage.

*Follow-up to the roundtable on the theme: The role of Palestinian youth in the struggle