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Child Prisoners

Child Prisoners

The following urgent appeal comes from Defence for Children International - Palestine: Today, DCI re-released an Urgent Appeal calling for an end to the practice of placing...

On 20 March 2012, Defense for Children International-Palestine launched a new report:Bound, Blindfolded and Convicted: Children held in military detention. The report is the culmination...

Call for the release of Palestinian children held as prisoners by Israel and for just treatment of all others. While 1,027 Palestinian prisoners are being released over the next two months, this number does not yet include any of the 164 prisoners who are children; and the approximately 4,345 who are not scheduled for release are subject to treatment that violates international law.

The first clue that a new group of children is approaching is a shuffle of shoes and a clinking of handcuffs and shackles. The door to the courtroom bursts open - four boys, all shackled, stare into the room. Four boys looking bewildered.