October 26, Albuquerque: International Day of Support for Palestinian and Irish Political Prisoners (ABQ)

oct1724For more details, please see the event Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/408835662552001

Come out for an evening of food, music, and letter writing and card signing!

Support our comrades who are in prison for us and for freedom!

Eileen & the In-Betweens will be performing some excellent music.

More Details coming SOON!

The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat issued a global call for actions October 17-24, calling for freedom of Sa’adat and fellow Palestinian prisoners.


On the weekend of October 25/26/27, Irish republicans and their supporters will hold various protests and events on at least three continents, Australia, Europe, and North America, to show support for Irish Republican Prisoners.


To be involved and support through financial contributions or volunteer please email butler.a.michael@gmail.com