YouTube removes, deletes Samidoun Network channel: Resist the silencing of Palestine!

This morning, YouTube suddenly struck and deleted the entire Samidoun Network channel and its years of content, and simultaneously struck and deleted the channel of our international coordinator Charlotte Kates.

This came despite the fact that Charlotte’s channel had never had a strike, and Samidoun’s only one warning after mass reporting (and had videos pulled down for similar baseless reasons on a one-by-one basis). This is clearly intended to silence voices speaking about Palestine.

A lot of our content is available here on Odysee, and we are working to get material up elsewhere and more comprehensively:

Once again we note the bias and clear alignment of Big Tech firms with Zionism and imperialism, which comes as no surprise.

We also note that three weeks ago, the Zionist regime itself wrote to our web host in an attempt to get our website taken down, labeling it a “cybercrime,” and we assume this same notification was done to Google with these YouTube accounts by the same parties.

The Zionist regime is actively seeking to ban and silence the content of people confronting its genocide against the Palestinian people, to prevent people around the world from communicating, and of course, at the heart of this effort, to block the communication lines of the Palestinian people, and especially the prisoners and the resistance movement that is daily confronting its genocidal assault.

As with all such attacks, we view them as primarily an attack on the Palestinian prisoners’ movement. The Zionist regime wants to keep over 10,000 Palestinian detainees hostage under torture, subjected to vile abuse and medical mistreatment. The videos and footage of Palestinian prisoners being released — both from the military prison system and the concentration camp at Sde Teiman, where extreme abuse and torture has become an international scandal — speak for themselves.

It wants to isolate the Palestinian prisoners and detainees, the captives of freedom, from the Palestinian people, the Resistance they lead, and the world. It wants to torture the civilians kidnapped from Gaza in silence. Our entire broad movement will never allow that isolation.

The Resistance — and the Palestinian people as a whole — have made it clear that that the prisoners are precious and will never be left behind; instead, they are a compass pointing the way to liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. On an international level, we must do all we can in support: This is why they want to silence Samidoun, and we emphasize that they will not succeed.