Support Hakoura cooperative farm in Greece: Run by Palestinian refugees, preserving Palestinian produce

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network supports this important initiative launched by Palestinian refugees in Greece. The project not only highlights the deep connections to land and agriculture that have not been severed by 73 years of the denial of the right to return, but also keeps Palestinian seeds, produce and agriculture alive in preparation for the implementation of the right to return. Supporting the steadfastness of Palestinian refugees outside Palestine is key to supporting return and liberation. Join us in sustaining this project via this crowdfunding campaign:


After a successful test run in rural Athena, Qays and Ahmad saw the potential of building a cooperative community of Palestinian refugees working together towards self-sufficiency by cultivating organic seasonal produce. They are now starting Hakoura, a cooperative farm, to achieve this dream. Click here to make a donation.

There are more than 8000 Palestinian refugees in Greece, many living under harsh conditions because of a lack of opportunities, labor exploitation, and no support. Ahmad and Qays saw that by starting a cooperative, it’s a way of taking matters into their own hands and paving an alternative path in mitigating economic, social, and cultural threats, as well as the security risks facing refugees and other marginalized groups.

Farming is not only about providing jobs, it’s also about nurturing an innate Palestinian need to connect with the land. The farm will be growing organic produce with Palestinian seeds and creating a seed bank for preservation. Seed saving practices sustain culture, tradition, biodiversity, and help support other cooperatives.

Your contributions, no matter how small, make a big difference. Qays and Ahmad have now secured 1 hectare (10 dunums) of land in rural Athena to create Hakoura. Support Qays and Ahmad’s cooperative, Hakoura, to make it a successful model that improves the economic and social situation of refugees in Greece.

Click here to make a donation.