Catalan activists send a message to occupation profiteers on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

We are publishing the following statement from activists in Catalonia on direct actions for Palestinian prisoners’ day targeting complicit businesses involved in the crimes against the Palestinian people:

On April 17, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, graffiti and murals appeared on the headquarters of companies in Catalonia that profit from the genocide of the Palestinian people, such as:

  • GMV, a company that manufactures the software and hardware for the “israeli” railroad inside occupied Palestine.
  • INECO, the company that does the planning and engineering for the “israeli” train inside Palestine.
  • INDRA, the company that controls “israeli” airspace inside Palestine.

Why have these companies been targeted?

Because they are enriching themselves at the expense of and therefore encouraging the occupation and the genocide of the Palestinian people. They are working to build the Jerusalem Light Rail, an “israeli” infrastructure project that serves to consolidate the Israeli occupation of Palestine and continue the genocide.

Why are some businessmen and politicians in Catalonia in love with Israel?

Since 1986, different presidents of the Generalitat have visited “israel”, taking it as a reference of a country that has struggled to constitute itself from scratch (making an analogy with the Catalan process of independence). Moreover, for the Catalan bourgeoisie, “israel” is a reference in technological innovation and business and economic growth. Such is the admiration of the bourgeoisie and a large part of the Catalan politicians for “israel” that, when the Generalitat had the opportunity to create its own police force, they were inspired by the “israeli” army and police; Catalan police periodically go to “israel” for training.

Although the fighting is miles away from here, the commercial and institutional relations between “israel” and Europe, Spain and Catalonia encourage the war, the occupation and the genocide in Palestine going on.

Many of us do not want to continue to be accomplices of this colonial genocide that means the existence of “israel” and the companies in Catalonia that profit from it.

Today we want to make clear who is who in the ongoing war against Palestine, and send a warm greeting to the Palestinian people, a reference for all of us in their dignity and resistance.

For those who are present, for those who are no longer here, for those who are captive in prison, for those who are in exile, for those who are in the streets and for those who are in their homes!

Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!
There has always been and there will always be resistance!