Jordanian prisoner Hamza Aldababsh on hunger strike, calls for Jordanian people’s action

Jordanian prisoner in Israeli jails, Hamza Osman Aldababsh, was transferred from Mejiddo prison to Shata prison on April 27, 2012 after being strip searched and humiliated during the transfer process, in retaliation for his participation in the hunger strike in the occupaion prisons. Former prisoner Fuad al-Khafsh, director of the Ahrar Centre for Prisoners, reported that all of his clothing and belongings were confiscated, yet he continued to express his commitment to the hunger strike until the demands of the Palestinian prisoners are met. Aldababsh also said that “the depth of the conflict of the occupier is not simply a conflict between the Palestinians and Zionists, but between the whole Arab nation and this occupation.”

In his comments, he urged the Jordanian people to stand in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, in his message conveyed by Khafsh, saying “There is no difference between Jordanians and Palestinians, they are one people, one nation and one body, and Jordanian political prisoners in the prisons of the occupation is woven into the fabric of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement.” Hamza Aldababsh was captured in mid-July 2011 during a visit with relatives in the West Bank, kidnapped and taken to Petah Tikva where he was tortured under interrogation.