Statement No. 1: Leadership Committee of Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

The following statement, titled Statement No. 1, was issued on April 16, 2012 by the coordinating committee of Palestinian prisoners engaged in a massive hunger strike to launch on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day 2012. Translated from the Arabic.

The text of the statement follows:

Statement No. 1
Issued by the Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners’ Struggle

Announcing the first spark of the intifada of the prisoners inside the cells of the occupation’s jails

To our great Palestinian people –

We believe in our right to liberty, our dignity, and the recovery of our stolen land and rights, and we announce the first spark of the battle in the occupation prisons (the battle to fulfil our promise) at the break of dawn on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

We promise to our martyrs and prisoners who have come before, and to all of our Palestinian people to continue this struggle until the full achievement of our rights and the end of the practice of solitary confinement, or until we die as martyrs.

Therefore, we call upon you to support us and our struggle locally and globally until we achieve victory or martyrdom. We have firm trust in you.

Victory for us, and for our great people!

Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners’ Struggle