15 Palestinian protesters attacked as they protest at Ofer; #Flagwoman hoists Palestinian flag

15 Palestinians were injured by tear gas as they protested in solidarity with approximately 2500 hunger strikers inside Israeli occupation prisons on Wednesday, as 400 Palestinians, mostly students, protested outside Ofer prison.

The occupation forces attacked the students as soon as they stepped off the bus, before they had the chance to reach the gates of Ofer prison, hurling tear gas and rubber coated metal bullets at the protesters.

Wednesday’s attack on protesters came following Tuesday’s protests at Ofer, in which Israeli occupation forces sprayed pepper spray directly into the faces of Palestinian protesters, including directly into the eyes at close range. Rana Hamadeh, one of the protesters, became known as #Flagwoman on Twitter, as she bravely climbed atop a military water cannon – rendering it unusable, holding aloft the Palestinian flag:

The protests at Ofer are part of massive protests going on throughout occupied Palestine.

Mass protests have taken place in Nablus, Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, and throughout Gaza, where 65 Palestinian activists, including former prisoners, 15 women, and family members of prisoners, have launched an open-ended solidarity hunger strike. In occupied Palestine ’48, protests are increasing – a protest is taking place on Thursday May 3 outside Ramleh prison hospital.