PIC: Prisoner threatened with hearing loss due to medical neglect

NABLUS,(PIC)— The Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights has confirmed that Hani Abu Sebaa, 40, is threatened with losing his hearing because of medical neglect.

The Center said that the prisoner is suffering from kidney stones, various infections and a broken leg during interrogation.

The center said that the prison service does not take into account the prisoner’s serious health condition where he is transferred to hospital handcuffed, prompting manageress of the x-ray department at an Israeli hospital to say: “I am not proud to belong to a state which treats people this way,” when prison guards refused to remove his handcuffs for an ex-ray to be taken.

The center added that the prisoner is prevented from seeing his wife and he is being transferred several times during the year as punishment for his activities within the jail.

The Israeli occupation military court claims that the prisoner constitutes a threat to Israeli security and that his arrested for five times is to stop him from going back to his military activities, claimed the court. A report by the occupation prison service said that Sebaa is affiliated with Hamas and he is leading the prisoners in the occupation prison.

Abu Sebaa signed a consent form, which he gave to the PPS lawyer at Ofer Prison last March,  allowing disclosure of his medical details to Doctors Without and appealing for medical treat.

Abu Sebaa is a father of 4 children, he spent 11 years in occupation jails, he was arrested for 5 times, and he was isolated for 6 months for an attempt to escape.

For his part, Fuad al-Khfash, the director of Ahrar Center has appealed to human rights organizations and the Red Cross to save the prisoner’s hearing which is being lost little by little, bearing the occupation full responsibility for the prisoner’s safety.