Statement No. 6 of the Strike Leadership

The following statement was released on May 12, 2012:

Statement No. 6

The Central Committee of the Leadership of the Strike

To our Palestinian people…

We salute the popular anger and involvement in all of the streets and alleys in the homeland in support of our hunger and our just and human demands in the Friday of Anger for the prisoners who are entering their 26th day of open hunger strike.

We salute the tens of thousands who came out in Khaled, Jerusalem and Ramallah, and all of our towns and villages in our beloved Gaza Strip, our scarred West Bank, in Palestine and around the world. This has confirmed to our enemy that we are not alone in this battle of humanity and that the echo of our hunger is carried by every Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and progressive force in this world.

To the free people…

It has been echoed in various media the dangerous moments in relation to the acceptance of the Zionist prison administration of our just and humane demands. Here we affirm the following:

First, every minute of our hunger, particularly as we approach one month on this strike, is an epic achievement and a misery for each prisoner engaged in it, and is sacred.

Second, between our leadership and the Prison Services was on the night of Thursday, May 10, 2012 and we have not held negotiations with them since that time.

Third, we affirm that the only party that is authorized and responsible to speak about any developments is the Central Committee of the Leadership of the Strike, represented by its members.

We are calling upon the Palestinian media continue to report this strike at the forefont, and continue to perform their national and humanitarian duty in mobilizing support for the strike.

We are determined to persist despite our hunger. We are ready for martyrdom to achieve our demands, and every coming moment could bring one or more martyrs from us. We have prepared ourselves for this, and we promise we will live with dignity or achieve martyrdom.

The Central Committee of the Leadership of the Strike
May 12, 2012