Ahrar Centre launches action campaign for isolated Abu Sisi and al-Saidi

Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights launched a large electronic campaign in solidarity with isolated captives Dirar Abu Sisi and Awad al-Saidi, from the Gaza Strip.

Fouad Khuffash director of Ahrar Center said that the aim of the campaign is to highlight the suffering of these isolated captives and to expose the occupation procedures against Palestinian prisoners, including isolation amid extremely difficult circumstances.

Khuffash said that the occupation violates all international laws and conventions that prevent isolating the prisoners, noting that the occupation has been legitimizing its actions through presenting the isolated prisoner at a kangaroo court every six months and renewing his isolation, based on reports by Israeli Shin Bet.

The human rights center said that this campaign is aimed at supporting the Palestinian captive movement’s steps which demand the implementation of terms of the agreement signed after the last mass hunger strike and which requires the release of all isolated prisoners from solitary confinement.

The Center stated that everyone can participate in the campaign through logging on to the center’s website and show solidarity through words and attitude.