Ill prisoner Mohammad Al-Taaj moved to hospital


The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights reported that Palestinian detainees, Mohammad Rafeeq At-Taaj, 42, imprisoned at the Hadarim Israeli prison was moved to hospital due to a sharp deterioration in his health condition.

At-Taaj suffers from blood Oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) and asthma; he was moved to the Kfar Saba Israeli hospital for medical checkups.

His health condition deteriorated more than 10 days ago, and the Prison Administration refused to transfer him to hospital until Sunday.

Doctors at the hospital conducted some tests and an X-Ray was done but no information was revealed regarding the outcome.

At-Taaj was kidnapped by the army on November 19, 2003, and was sentenced to 14.5 years; he is from the Tubas district in the West Bank.

Last march, At-Taaj conducted a two-month hunger strike demanding Israel to treat him as a prisoner of war.

He currently also suffers from pain in his abdomen, pain and low vision in one of his eyes, and several other health issues.