Sharawna begins water strike at 115 days on hunger strike

Reported by Saed Bannoura of IMEMC

Palestinian detainee, Ayman Ash-Sharawna, has been on hunger strike for 115 days, and stopped drinking water on Wednesday, escalating his strike as Israel still refuses to release him, and due to pressures practiced against him by the Prison Administration.

A lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) managed to visit Ash-Sharawna on Tuesday at the Ramla Prison Clinic; the detainee told him that he refuses to be exiled in exchange for his release, and will continue his strike “until freedom or death”.

He added that the Prison Administration keeps moving him from one room to another, and completely isolated him from the rest of the detainees, in an attempt to prevent him from getting the needed rest, and to deprive him from communicating with other detainees.

“Officers of the Prison Administration held several meetings with me, and proposed deporting me or placing me under Administrative Detention without trial”, Sharawna stated, “I will never accept to be deported or imprisoned without charges, I will continue my strike”.

It is worth mentioning that Sharawna repeatedly loses consciousness, and faces repeated sharp migraines, headaches, and is gradually losing his memory.

The PPS said that the health situation of Sharawna is very serious, and is seriously deteriorating. It voiced an appeal to the International Community to intervene and secure his release.