Hassan Karajah’s detention extended as he suffers from medical neglect

Hassan-KarajahKKAddameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association provided the following update about Hassan Karajah this morning, February 28. Karajah is the youth coordinator of the Stop the Wall campaign who has been detained under interrogation since January 22, and his detention and interrogation period have been extended several times since then:

UPDATE: It was decided at Hassan Karajah’s hearing this morning that he and his lawyer will have to wait another 7 days for evidence and charges to be presented. In the meantime, Karajah will remain in detention. Since he has been detained, he has lost 16 kg. Despite his requests, he is not receiving an adequate dosage of the medication he requires for nerve damage in his leg. It should be noted that his interrogators are the same interrogators who were responsible for interrogating Arafat Jaradat, who died earlier this week as a result of torture during interrogation.