Khader Adnan honours imprisoned Lebanese freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

PHOTO | Eman Silawy

On February 28, 2013, Sheikh Khader Adnan participated in an event honouring Palestinian political prisoners and hunger strikers in Arraba village, Jenin area. Adnan’s own hunger strike from December 2011-February 2012 played a major role in catalyzing the Palestinian prisoners’ movement.

The Arraba Youth organized in coordination with the Prisoners Club and the Popular Youth Committee a solidarity march with the Palestinian Prisoners from the solidarity tent to the Municipal garden complex, planting seeds bearing the names and photos of the Palestinian Hunger Strikers, Long Term Palestinian Prisoners and a number of Arab Prisoners in Israeli Jails.

Adnan planted a seed bearing the name of Lebanese Freedom fighter Georges Ibrahim Abdallah who is imprisoned in France – despite a decision to free him – and who has now been on hunger strike for 5 days in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners.