Ahrar Centre: Nine Female Prisoners in Israeli Jails Without Trials

free-prisonersAhrar center for Prisoners studies and human rights confirmed that sixteen women prisoners are held in Hasharon prison including nine prisoners without trials.

Director of the Ahrar Center, Fuad Al-Khuffash said that being prisoner without trial for long time is a difficult thing, adding that the female prisoner is forced to transfer by the “Bostah” from the prison to the court lasted about to 3 days handcuffed and blindfolded.

Al-Khuffash added that the female prisoners called many times to be transferred by special cars instead of the “Bostah”, but, the Israeli occupation refused that.

The female prisoners who are hold without trials are: prisoner Ayat Yousef Mahfoth from Hebron city, who was arrested on 4/2/2013, prisoner Nawal Sa’ed Asa’di from Jenin city, who was arrested on 5/11/2012, Muna Hussein Qa’dan from Arrabah town near Jenin city who was arrested on 13/11/2012, prisoner Alaa Qasem Abu Zayton from Nablus city who was arrested on 9/2/2013, prisoner Tahrir al-Qanni from Kofor Qallel, who was arrested on 12/5/2013, prisoner Hiba Bdiar, from Bethlehem, who was arrested on 2/4/2013, prisoner Naheel Abu Aisheh from Al-Khalil, who was arrested on 14/3/2013 and prisoner Donia Derar, from Tulkarem, who was arrested on 2/5/2013.