Lawyer: Barghouthi threatened with stripping of Jordanian citizenship

al-_brghoooootheee_340_230Mohammed Shayeb, a lawyer with the Ministry of Prisoners, Detainees and Ex-Detainees, said that occupation prison authorities are using psychological pressure to attempt to stop the hunger strike of prisoner Abdullah Barghouthi, who is isolated in a hospital in Afula. He has been on hunger strike with 4 other prisoners who carry Jordanian citizenship since May 2, 2013.

Shayeb, who visited with Barghouthi, said that prison officers had threatened him with working behind the scenes to strip him of his Jordanian nationality. Shayeb said this threat was a blatant interference in Jordanian sovereignty. He also said that Barghouthi reported that prison guards hold dining tables and grill food directly in front of his room in order to pressure him.

Barghouthi also said that Israeli authorities had agreed to grant him family visits once monthly, but he refused this offer as it ignored all of the other demands of the Jordanian strikers, including their return to Jordan.

It is noteworthy that the five Jordanian prisoners are still continuing in their hunger strike their health has deteriorated very seriously, and all are being held in hospital. (reported by PNN Arabic)