Palestinian prisoner Ahmad al-Saadi held in solitary confinement in Shata prison

prison-chainsAhmad Abdullah al-Saadi, 31, a Palestinian prisoner from Jenin, is being held in Shata prison in solitary confinement under a pretext of being a “threat to Israeli security,” reported prisoners inside the prison in a Ma’an News report. According to prisoners, Saadi was held in Ramon prison and was transferred in February 2013 to Jalama interrogation centre, where he was interrogated for over one month and accused of attempting to coordinate the capture of an Israeli soldier from inside the prison. He denied the allegations, was returned to Ramon prison and two months later, on May 21, was transferred to Shata prison and has been held in solitary confinement since that time.

The prisoners said that Saadi’s isolation is an attempt by the Shin Bet security service to retaliate against Saadi for his refusal to confess in interrogation, saying that Saadi had been threatened during interrogation with the arrest of his mother and family; he has been prohibited from family visits for a year.

His family also appealed to human rights organizations to intervene in Saadi’s case; his mother said that Saadi suffered from a spinal injury and severe stomach ulcers and is not receiving necessary medical treatment in accordance with international medical standards.