Appeals rejected for hunger strikers Tabeesh and Hareebat

hareebat-atabeeshThe Israeli military court in Ofer rejected an appeal for release by two Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, Ayman al-Tabeesh and Adel Hareebat, on July 3, reported their lawyer, Jawad Boulos. Both are administrative detainees, held without charge or trial, and have been on hunger strike for 42 days, demanding their release.

They began their strike on May 23, 2013 and are currently held at the Ramle prison clinic. Boulos reported that both detainees are held in very difficult conditions as they are totally isolated in a three-square-meter cell with a toilet inside and one window that is always closed.

He said that the health of both detainees is worsening, and that their jailers continue to harass them in an attempt to dissuade them from going ahead in their hunger strike, adding that the jailers tell them that no one in the world is concerned with their strike.

The lawyer said that both detainees were adamant on continuing in their strike, adding that he agreed with them on taking their case to the Israeli higher court.