Palestinian prisoner Motassem Raddad suffering ill health as prisoners in Etzion and Eshel protest abuse

images_News_2013_07_04_mutasem-raddad01_300_0The health condition of the patient prisoner Motassem Raddad has noticeably deteriorated after being transferred from Meir hospital to Ramle prison hospital to conduct medical tests, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said on Wednesday, Julu 3.

PPS lawyer Jawad Boulos stated that Raddad’s health situation has deteriorated seriously after he received a cortisone injection, that caused difficulty in moving his leg and hand.

The hospital’s doctors stressed the need to conduct urgent medical tests to check on Raddad’s health situation after the serious complications that have emerged lately, Boulos said.

Raddad suffers inflammatory bowel disease and acute abdominal pain which caused him to bleed profusely, in addition to vision and heart problems.

Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners in Etzion detention center confirmed that they were subjected to severe beatings amid an acute shortage in basic necessities.

The detainees confirmed that they were subjected to severe beatings during their arrests in addition to attacks against their family members.

Similarly, Palestinian prisoners in Eshel detention centre noted that they were subjected to constant night raids, cell inspections and searches, which included violence and destruction of prisoners’ personal property. Raghab Abu Diak of PPS said that these raids inside the prisons were meant as a provocation and an attack on the prisoners.