Update on 13 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

hungerdignity (1)Palestinian prisoners are continuing their hunger strikes in Israeli occupation prisons, with 13 prisoners currently engaged in open hunger strikes, demanding freedom and justice.

Abdullah Barghouthi, one of the five Palestinian prisoners with Jordanian citizenship on strike, is continuing to suffer from severe medical effects of his strike. His heartbeat is irregular, his vision is impaired, and he is continuing to suffer kidney and liver problems. His four fellow strikers with Jordanian citizenship, Mohammad Rimawi, Muneer Mar’i, Alaa Hammad and Hamza Othman Al-Dabbas, are now in what has been labelled the psychiatric ward at Ramle prison clinic, where they are even more isolated than before. All have been on hunger strike for 75 days and are shackled hand and foot to their hospital beds. They are also shackled hand and foot for legal visits despite their poor health. They are under 24-hour camera surveillance, yet requests for water can take up to an hour to fulfill.

The family of Ayman and Mohammad Al-Tabeesh, who have been on strike for 54 and 36 days, respectively, called for greater Palestinian, Arab and international advocacy for the prisoners whose lives are on the line in Israeli occupation prisons. Ayman is an administrative detainee demanding his freedom, and Mohammad is a former administrative detainee now serving an 18-month sentence. Mohammad launched his own strike in solidarity with his brother.

The 13 strikers currently on hunger strike are as follows:


Palestinian prisoner’s name

Date of Hunger Strike

Ayman Issa Hamdan 04/28/2013
Muneer Mari 05/02/2013
Abdullah Barghouti 05/02/2013
Alaa Hammad 05/02/2013
Mohammad Rimawi 05/02/2013
Hamza Othman Al-Dabbas 05/02/2013
Imad Batran 05/07/2013
Adel Hareebat 05/23/2013
Ayman Al-Tabeesh 05/23/2013
Hossam Mattar 06/01/2013
Mohammed Al-Tabeesh 06/12/2013
Eyad Abu Khudair 06/17/2013
Abdul Majed Khuderat 07/01/2013