Palestinian prisoner Bassam Obeid protests isolation in Ramon prison

prison-cellPalestinian prisoner Bassam Obeid, of Arraba village outside Jenin, has been held in isolation in Ramon prison for 39 days, as part of the policy of arbitrary transfers exercised against him and his fellow prisoners by the Israeli Prison Service.

Raghab Abu Diak of the Palestinian Prisoners Society said that the prison administraion regularly engages in arbitrary transfers in order to break the prisoners’ ranks and confuse the prisoners’ movement, and create instability.

Abu Diak noted that Obeid’s health situation is difficult, and that he has suffered significant hearing loss. When he is isolated and apart from his fellow prisoners, he does not receive needed care to support his life and health.

Walid Obeid, Bassam’s brother, called for the International Committee of the Red Cross to pressure the Israeli Prison Services to move Bassam to a collective cell so that his fellow prisoners can provide necessary care for him. Obeid has been imprisoned for over 9 years.