Addameer: 5068 Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons

Addameer released its latest statistics on the numbers of Palestinian political prisoners currently held in Israeli jails, as of August 2013: 

Type of Prisoner Number of Prisoners
Total Number of Political Prisoners 5068
Administrative Detainees 134 (9 PLC members)
Female prisoners 13
Child prisoners 195 (36 under 16)
Palestinian Legislative Council members 13
East Jerusalem prisoners 180
1948 Territories prisoners 208
Gaza prisoners 422
Prisoners serving life sentences 514
Prisoners serving a sentence above 20 years 433
Prisoners serving more than 25 years 24
Prisoners serving more than 20 years 65
Prisoners before Oslo 79

* On 13 August 2013, 26 prisoners were released as a “good-will” measure in the newest round of negotiations. For more information, please read our latest factsheet here.