Hunger Strikers’ Update: Administrative detention extended, Batran’s brother arrested

Carlos Latuff - 2012
Carlos Latuff – 2012

Hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Ayman al-Tabeesh, on strike since May 23, administrative detention order was extended again for four months on August 28; he is striking to demand his freedom. Mohammad al-Tabeesh, his brother, has been striking since June 12, and is held in Afula hospital. Mohammad launched his strike in solidarity with his brother.

Also held in Kaplan hospital is fellow hunger striker Adel Hareebat, who also launched his strike on May 23. Hareebat and al-Tabeesh reported that they are suffering from arbitrary repressive practices in the hospital including being denied time to pray.

Imad Batran, who had been on hunger strike since May 3, ended his hunger strike on August 20 after prison officials agreed to not seek extension of his administrative detention when it expires on November 15.  He will have spent two years in administrative detention by that date. However, on August 27, Israeli forces raided his brother’s shop in Al-Khalil and detained his brother Mohammad Batran. Mohammad has spent over 6 years in Israeli jails.

Ayman Hamdan has been on hunger strike since April 28 to protest his administrative detention without charge or trial. On August 14, his administrative detention was extended again; he was arrested on August 21, 2012. On August 27, that detention was announced to be extended for a four-month period. His lawyer is appealing the administrative detention order.

Also remaining on hunger strike are Abdul Majid Khdairat, who has been striking since July 1 and Alaa Hammad, one of the five Palestinian prisoners with Jordanian citizenship who continued his strike after the other four suspended them; he has been striking since May 2.