3 detainees in Ofer continue hunger strike as Al-Fassisi suspends his strike

083C963F7 Mohammed Badr, Islam Badr, and Thaer Abdu, three Palestinian administrative detainees, are continuing their hunger strikes, reported Palestinian lawyers. They are demanding an end to the use of administrative detention and in particular, their detention without charge or trial.

Mohammed and Islam are brothers; all three have been striking since November 16. All three are held in one room, room 14 at Ofer military prison; their personal belongings have all been confiscated and they have only bedding and a blanket for each of them.

Administrative detainees have been stepping up their protests and are now returning meals twice a week until December 30, in protest of the use of detention without charge or trial, as well as boycotting court hearings for administrative detainees.

Palestinian administrative detainee Akram al-Fassisi, held without charge or trial, suspended his hunger strike after over 50 days of striking on November 26, 2013. He had been on hunger strike since September 29, protesting his imprisonment without charge or trial. He suspended his strike in Assaf Harofe hospital after serious deterioration in his health status.

His administrative detention order was renewed for three months on November 16, 2013, after two six-month renewals. He was detained on November 16, 2012. Administrative detainees are held without charge or trial for ongoing renewable periods of up to six months.