Hossam Association calls for prosecution of G4S

G4S staff manage security and the facilities at Cedars, near GatwickHossam Prisoners’ Association in Gaza called upon human rights organizations to take legal action against G4S, a British corporation that provides security systems and services to the occupation prions holding Palestinian and Arab prisoners.

The Association said that it is planning to appeal to organizations and official bodies in Arab and European countries to take the actions necessary to hold G4S corporate officials accountable for their involement in war crimes and crimes against humanity against Palestinian prisoners.

It emphasized the importance of exposing this corporation and raising awareness of domestic and international involvement in the torture of Palestinian prisoners by providing the security systems and central control systems for the occupation prison in Negev, Megiddo, Ramon and other Israeli prisons, which hold over 5,000 Palestinian prisoners from all areas of Palestine.

Hossam association added that G4S has also installed security systems on the walls surrounding Ofer prison in the West Bank and in the prison’s central control room, which includes Ofer Military Court, where cruel and arbitrary military trials take place daily against Palestinian prisoners.

G4S also has provided security systems to detention facilities and interrogation centers in the West Bank and Jerusalemn, where Palestinian prisoners face interrogation techniques including forms of physical and psychological torture, Hossam said.