Mansour Mowqada and other sick prisoners struggling for freedom

mansour-muqtadaA solidarity evening with Palestinian political prisoner Mansour Mowqada was held in Salfit on November 29, calling for his release and that of his fellow sick prisoners. The mayor of Salfit, Said Shukour, said that the call of sick prisoners was an urgent humanitarian issue requiring international action.

Mowqada uses a wheelchair, has tumors, and must use “plastic stomach” and colostomy bags for digestion and excretion. He receives mostly painkillers at Ramle prison clinic, which has been described as a “tomb for the living” for the 20 prisoners with the most severe health conditions. He lost the use of his legs when he was shot by Israeli occupation forces in 2002 and has spent the entire time since his arrest in the Ramle prison clinic. He is 42 years old and is serving a 30-year sentence.

maqada-300x212Palestinian sick prisoners continue to protest and call for freedom. Some additional particular cases of sick Palestinian political prisoners whose health status is deteriorating and are not receiving sufficient treatment include:

Nabil Natsheh, who has been held in administrative detention since March 27, 2013, has cancer of the lymph nodes. He was diagnosed in 2010 before his arrest and was receiving chemotherapy in Beit Jala.

Natsheh has been suffering from high blood pressure and severe shoulder pain.

Yousef Nadjeh suffers from epilepsy and memory problems. He has kidney problems, swelling in his legs and extremities and has lost balance due to head pain. He requires crutches to walk and fell in Ofer military court due to his ill health.

Fuad Shoubaki is 84 years old. He was arrested in 2006 and is serving a 20 year sentence. He has an enlarged prostate and was recently admitted to Hadassah hospital for treatment. He needs eye surgery, which has a 95% success rate, but needs a private doctor to enter to complete the surgery. He is planning to petition the Supreme Court to be allowed a private doctor.

Yahya Salameh has an enlarged tumor in his right shoulder and has not received surgery to remove it, despite numerous promises from the Ramon prison clinic.

Imad Shoukeir has bullet fragments in his body from when he was shot in 2002 by Israeli forces and continues to suffer severe pain from the presence of the bullet fragments.

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