Tension in Ramon prison following transfer of Ahmed Qatamesh

qatameshPalestinian political prisoners, particularly those affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in Ramon prison are in a state of tension and anger following the transfer of Ahmed Qatamesh, Palestinian academic held in administrative detention, from Ramon to Megiddo prison, the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies reported on November 12.

Allam Kaabi, former prisoner, spoke about the transfer last week, warning of the danger to Qatamesh’s health, and calling for his freedom as well as a campaign of support for Qatamesh and his fellow administrative detainees. Qatamesh is recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.

Qatamesh’s transfer to Megiddo took over 12 hours, during which he was held in the “Bosta,” the prisoner transport vehicle used by occupation forces, in which the prisoner is shackled to a hard iron chair in a stuffy and poorly ventilated vehicle. Amina Tawil of the Center said that prisoners in Ramon have been threatened that any protest actions they take will be harshly suppressed.