Moatassem Raddad facing surgery as Palestinian sick prisoners struggle behind bars

raddadPalestinian political prisoners continued to suffer from severe illness inside occupation prisons, saying that they are receiving sub-standard health care and medical neglect from prison authorities.

Moatassem Raddad, suffering from bowel cancer, will undergo surgery to remove his intestines, replacing them with an artificial alternative. The surgery will take place in three steps and will require three to six months for completion. Raddad’s family noted that he has needed this surgery for a long time, but that prison officials had procrastinated in allowing him to receive treatment. On January 9, a court will be considering his request for release on the basis of his medical condition. The Mohja foundation and Raddad’s family noted that the Israeli prison service bears responsibility for Raddad’s ongoing condition and its profound worsening over the years, denouncing its “racist policy of medical negligence” as “slow murder” of Palestinian prisoners.

Yousry al-Masri’s medical situation has also become quite critical, reported his lawyer. Al-Masri, 30, from Gaza, suffers from thyroid cancer. Doctors believe that the cancer has spread throughout his body and he suffers from constant headaches and pain. He has lost over 15 kg in weight over the past few months. He received no treatment for two years after first reporting his medical symptoms, other than painkillers.

Ibrahim Bitar was transferred to Assaf Harofeh hospital on Sunday from Nafha prison, after a decline in his health attributed to medical neglect of his condition. He suffers from anemia and chronic stomach inflammation.

Former prisoner Naim Shawamreh was transferred to Jordan on January 6 for further medical treatment. He suffers from muscular dystrophy and was released in last week’s group prisoner release for 26 prisoners, included because of his severe medical status.