Thaer Abdu ends hunger strike after 53 days due to declining health

Thaer Abdu, held in administrative detention without charge or trial, ended his hunger strike on January 7, reported his family, after 53 days of strike.

He was transferred from Assaf Harofe hospital to Ofer prison. He ended his strike after severe deterioration of his physical and mental health. Jamal Khatib, a lawyer from the Center for Prisoners Studies called for the immediate release of Thaer in Ofer’s military court, which declared it would announce its decision in several days.

During his strike, Abdu consumed only water and salt, and was punished by occupation prison authorities by removing his belongings, isolating him, and holding him in a cold cell while denying extra blankets, coats or warm clothes. At times even the water was undrinkable due to cold.

He lost 15 kilograms of weight during the strike, stomach pain and heart weakness. He is being held under a six-month administrative detention order after his seizure by Israeli forces on October 27. Abdu, 27, is married with one child.