Raids and abductions of Palestinians continue, occupation seeks to re-impose sentences on former prisoners

night_invasionIsraeli occupation prosecutors are attempting to re-impose their full sentences on at least seven of the Palestinian prisoners re-arrested in the past week following their release in the Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner exchange agreement in October 2011. 540 Palestinians have been kidnapped by the occupation army in the last 11 days, including 52 former prisoners released in the exchange. On Wednesday morning, June 25, Palestinian Legislative Council members Khaled Tafesh and Anwar Zboun, as well as political leaders of Hamas Ghassan Hermas and Hasan al-Wardiyyat, were abducted by occupation forces.

They are being accused of “violating the terms of their release” and the military prosecutors are demanding the reimposition of their prior sentences. These charges are being made solely on the basis of secret evidence, not revealed to the former prisoners or their lawyers, and the decision to re-impose their sentences will also be based on secret evidence.

Samer Issawi’s detention was extended until next Sunday and occupation police noted they are charging him with membership in a hostile organization and “breaching the terms of his release” in the prisoner exchange agreement of 2011. He was previously re-arrested and accused of breaching his release deal by leaving Jerusalem, and released in December 2013 after a nine-month hunger strike that drew worldwide support and attention.

36 of the over 500 arrested Palestinians in the past 10 days have been referred to administrative detention without charge or trial on secret evidence as well, reported Ahrar Center.