Video: Rasmea Odeh, Palestinian community leader, faces trial September 8

Palestinian activist, former Palestinian political prisoner and community leader in the United States, Rasmea Odeh, will face trial on September 8 on charges of not disclosing her imprisonment and torture in occupation prisons in her application for U.S. naturalization.

Rasmea’s case has garnered attention and support in the US and internationally; she has spoken publicly in the past regarding the sexual abuse and torture that she faced at the hands of Israeli interrogators. A US citizen for 20 years, she is the Associate Director of the Arab American Action Network in Chicago and founder of its Arab Women’s Committee, which organizes Arab women in the community. She is now facing 10 years in US prisons and deportation; a committee to defend Rasmea has been established and is building broad support for her case.

More information on Rasmea’s case is available via the US Palestinian Community Network and the Campaign to Stop FBI Repression.

The following video includes interviews with Rasmea’s lawyer, Michael Deutsch; Hatem Abudayyeh, Executive Director of the Arab American Action Network; and Joe Iosbaker of the Campaign to Stop FBI Repression: