238 administrative detention orders issued since June 12

The Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a statement that Israel ordered 238 administrative detentions sentences since the beginning of the military campaign in the West Bank on June 12. Administrative detention is the imprisonment of Palestinians without trial or charge, on secret evidence, for up to six month periods which are indefinitely renewable. Palestinians have spent years at a time in administrative detention.

These orders more than double the number of Palestinians held in administrative detention. Administrative detainees had previously engaged in a 62-day hunger strike, demanding an end to the practice which dates from the era of British mandate colonial control of Palestine. These 20 administrative detainees include Khader Adnan, whose lengthy hunger strike secured his release from administrative detention in 2012.

Palestinian artist and activist Husam Zakharia created the following image, on administrative detention and the role of the occupation courts for Palestinians:

husam zakharia

Lawmakers, ex-ministers and ex-prisoners are among the 238 administrative detainees since June 12.

1. Hussein Mrdawi, three months.
2. Khalid Masaid, four months.
3. Fathi Joulani, three months.
4. Bakr Said Bilal, six months.
5. Hussam Abu Labda, three months.
6. Muhannad Zaarour, three months.
7. Mutasem Stiteh, four months.
8. Imad Nofel, three months, parliamentarian.
9. Imad Abu Rihan, four months.
10. Ahmad al-Khatib, four months.
11. Zuheir Hussein, six months.
12. Muaz Obayyat, four months.
13. Youssef Walweil, four months.
14. Bashir Ziyada, three months.
15. Walid Bustanji, two months.
16. Ahmad Khairi Ibrahim, two months.
17. Muhammad Awwad Ibrahim, four months.
18. Muhannad Rabi, three months.
19. Ghassan Thawqan, three months.
20. Khader Adnan, six months.