10 Palestinians held in administrative detention and legislator sentenced to 20 months

attoun10 Palestinians were sentenced to administrative detention, a form of imprisonment without charge or trial for up to 6 month renewable periods, on Monday, August 18. There are now over 466, after 288 people have been held under administrative detention since mid-June 2014.

The 10 new administrative detainees, who are held solely on secret evidence are: 1. Diaa Hroub, 6 months; 2. Hashem Humaydin, 6 months; 3. Mohammed Hassanieh, 6 months; 4. Mohammed Harizat, 6 months; 5. Yasser Abu Dahouk, 4 months; 6. Musab al-Nasser, 6 months; 7. Adham Ajlouni, 6 months; 8. Harbi Ajlouni, 6 months; 9. Saadi Al-Atrash, 6 months; 10. Sajid al-Laqta, 4 months.

In addition, Palestinian Legislative Council member Ahmad Attoun was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment; he was charged and sentenced after over two years in administrative detention, where he had been held without charge or trial since February 2012. Attoun, a legislator from Jerusalem, was stripped of his Jerusalem ID after being elected to the PLC. He has spent 15 years in occupation prisons over the years of multiple detentions.