Occupation forces seize 32 Palestinians in West Bank

alfara-aug5As the three-day ceasefire began in Gaza after Israeli bombs and weaponry killed over 1850 Palestinians, wounded nearly 10,000 and destroyed thousands of homes, the occupation army continued its mass arrests and invasions throughout the West Bank.

Between Monday and Tuesday, August 4 and 5, at least 37 people were arrested by occupation forces in various villages, towns and cities throughout the West Bank. Those arrested include five Palestinian youth aged 12 through 17 from Mazra’a ash-Sharqiyya and Palestinians from Beit Ummar, Husan, Bethlehem, al-Azza Refugee Camp, Aida Refugee Camp, al-Khalil, Um ar-Rihan, and Bedia. Other Palestinians were ordered to report to occupation military bases for occupation, while two children from al-Fawwar refugee camp were detained and later released.

alfara-aug5-2In al-Far’a refugee camp near Tubas, soldiers invaded in the early morning of August 5, where Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine reported that they tried and failed to abduct Mahdi Musa Alian, after they were confronted by the youth of the camp who came to defend the Alian house against the invasion. The occupation army shot 22-year-old Mahmoud Ali Waked in the leg with live ammunition. SFP noted, “Al Far’a camp is located in Tubas Governorate. Far’a’s refugees come from 30 villages to the north-east of Haifa. Under international law, like the Palestinian refugees in Gaza and elsewhere, they have the right to return to their homes inside the ’48 area of Palestine.”

Photos: Al-Far’a Refugee Committee, via Solidarity Movement for a Free Palestine