Palestinian Progressive Labor Action Front condemns expulsion order against Jarrar

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plufThe Palestinian Progressive Labor Union Action Front condemned the expulsion order against Khalida Jarrar on August 23, saying:

The deportation order against MP Khalida Jarrar comes in conjunction with fascist war, massacres and crimes against our people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Large numbers of Israeli occupation army stormed the home of a member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Khalida Jarrar, ordering her expelled from her home to the city of Jericho, delivering a map of the streets that she is allowed to use, and ordering the implementation of the order within 24 hours, under the pretext of serious security concerns of the occupation, as signed by the military commander of the occupation. Khalida Jarrar refused to receive and sign the order and announced her refusal to implement the order, standing as a true revolutionary who is always a model of commitment to crucial issues of struggle and resistance.

We in the Progressive Labor Union Action Front condemn this fascist action. We stand with the statement of Khalida that the occupation is the one who must be expelled from our land, stolen through force, massacres and crimes, and we call upon all Palestinian national forces, progressive and popular Arab and international movements, parliamentarians, and human rights organizations to take urgent action to stop this action which violates all international conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions of 1949. We also demand that the Palestinian officals take action to provide protection to the members of the Legislative Council and Palestinian political leaders under attack by the occupation, as it attempts to undermine the steadfastness of our people and reduce the effectiveness of our leaders, as the occupation plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause.