Update on Rasmea’s bond: Prosecution maneuvers to keep Rasmea locked up

Today, the Rasmea Defense Committee was prepared to announce that Rasmea was on her way home to Chicago. Instead, we learned this morning that legal maneuvering by the government will further delay her homecoming.

The prosecution in Rasmea’s case moved to challenge the bond money that was raised for her release. In its motion, the government demands that the judge grant them a hearing in regards to the source of the money. Citing the Rasmea Defense Committee call for donations in their motion, the government alleges money raised by supporters and Rasmea’s community doesn’t create enough of an “incentive” for her to appear at her sentencing March 10th.

Members of the defense committee are on their way to Detroit now to provide testimony as to the money posted by a friend that has known Rasmea for years at a hearing tomorrow morning at 11:00am in Detroit. We ask Rasmea’s supporters to stay vigilant and to follow the defense committee updates at www.uspcn.org or www.stopfbi.net for the latest information on the effort to #FreeRasmeaNow.