22 more Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention

22 additional military orders for the imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or trial were confirmed on 20 January, with a total of 89 administrative detention orders so far in January 2015.

Administrative detention orders, which frequently target community leaders, are issued without charge or trial and on the basis of secret evidence – if any. They can range from one to six month periods and are indefinitely renewable; Palestinians can spend years in administrative detention, never charged or tried. 17 of these orders renewed existing administrative detention orders, while 5 were newly issued.

The systematic use of arbitrary imprisonment by Israeli forces to punish Palestinians violates international humanitarian law under the Fourth Geneva Convention. There are approximately 500 Palestinians held in administrative detention, imprisoned without charge or trial.

The list of administrative detention orders is below:

1. Mahmoud Badr Al-Khalil of Hebron, 6 months
2. Omar Ahmed Awad of Hebron, 4 months
3. Saddam Mousa Dar Mousa of Ramallah, 3 months
4. Munir Mustafa Abu Sharar of Hebron, 6 months
5. Abdullah Mohammed Badwan of Ramallah, 3 months
6. Sharhabeel Salman Hassouna from Ramallah, 4 months
7. Suhaib Issa Mar’i from Tulkarem, 4 months
8. Mansour Mustafa Bani Odeh from Tubas, 6 months
9. Diaa Ali Hroub of Hebron, 6 months
10. Raafat Jamil Nassif of Tulkarem, 6 months
11. Ibrahim Noureddine Sanif of Ramallah, 4 months
12. Abdel Khalek Hassan Natshe of Hebron, 4 months
13. Arqam Khalid Ahmed from Hebron, 6 months
14. Yusuf Hassan Masalma of Hebron, 4 months
15. Shadi Ibrahim Baher of Hebron, 4 months
16. Firas Zuhair Misk from Hebron, 6 months
17. Youssef Mahmoud Abu Maria of Hebron, 4 months
18. Itiraf Bajis Hajjaj from Ramallah, 4 months
19. Mohammed Hreibat of Hebron, 6 months
20. Mahmoud Ahmed Shalatwa of Ramallah, 4 months,
21. Muhammad Noman Natsheh of Hebron 4 months
22. Hani Ghazi Shalash of Hebron 6 months