Lina Khattab, 18-year-old Palestinian first-year media student at Bir Zeit University and folkloric dancer with the El-Funoun Popular Palestinian Dance Troupe, faced another postponed hearing in Israeli military court today, 12 January. Her court hearing was adjourned until 18 January. Click here to take action and demand the release of Lina Khattab!

Palestinian activist and writer Mariam Barghouti wrote a powerful, moving summary of the events of the day, on her blog, Ramallah Bantustan. Below is an excerpt in which Barghouti describes the quick hearing and its postponement:

“A soldier approaches the fence, everyone gathers close to him hoping Lina’s name will be next. She wasn’t, and she wasn’t the one after. Lina’s court hearing was the last one in today’s military courts. Her family spent 8 hours in the cold waiting for their daughters hearing.

Once it was time, 11 of us squeezed into a small trailer that served as a court house. Lina walks in, feet shackled, hair held back with a red head band and a smile from cheek to cheek. She kept blowing on her hands to stay warm, and every time she choked up or was on the verge of tears, she stared directly into the eyes of her family and smiled again.

The prosecutor, not older than 28 stares everyone on the bench down. Never making eye contact with Lina she begins to explain how Lina should not be released on bail. As the defense presents their case, the prosecutor sits, legs crossed and begins to play with her phone. Her face expressing some form of disinterest in what is being said. She continues to play with her phone. Concurrently the translator fails to translate what is being said in Hebrew, instead Lina waits quietly and then asks her lawyer what is happening. An appeal to understand the mess in this kangaroo trial under the banner of justice.

The defense suggested that she be released on bail and onto house arrest at her uncle’s house located in area C. The judge declined the offer and once the court was adjourned he remarks “looking at her, I can see the characteristics of a leader.””

Read the full report at Mariam Barghouti’s blog.