Three children among 16 Palestinians arrested by Israeli occupation forces

Three 14-year-old boys were arrested from Issawiya village of Jerusalem at dawn on Monday, 12 January, after storming their homes. The three children are named Qusai Dari, Nadim Azhar, and Mohammad Abu al-Hummus, reported Addameer lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud.

The three children were among 16 Palestinians arrested by Israeli occupation forces at night on Sunday, 11 January and dawn on Monday. In Nablus, four Palestinians from ‘Asira and a fifth Palestinian from Askar al-Jadeed refugee camp were arrested after their homes were violently raided and searched: Abu Jamal Yassin, 22; Osama Hasan al-Shoali, 21; Mohammed Asi al-Shoali, 21; and Nidal Hamadna, 23. In Askar al-Jadeed, Yassin Abu Lafah, 24, an advocate for Palestinian political prisoners, was arrested. They searched and invaded multiple homes in the refugee camp, interrogating dozens of youths.

In Samua, south of Hebron, occupation soldiers arrested five Palestinians in dawn raids of their homes: Sanad Sabri Badarin, 23; Zaher Ibrahim al-Mahareeq, Mohammed Fahd al-Salameen, and brothers Qusai and Mosab Ahmad al-Salameen.

On Sunday night, Israeli soldiers arrested Ahmad Khaled Ighbariyya, his brother Mohammed Khaled Ighbariyya and their brother-in-law Hadi Ghalyoun, from Taybeh west of Jenin. Ghalyoun was visiting the two brothers when the soldiers invaded their home.