People around the world are expressing their support and solidarity for Lina Khattab, who is facing a hearing before Israeli military court today, February 16. This video includes photos and solidarity images calling for Lina’s freedom from around the world, submitted to the facebook page for the campaign to free Lina at Please share this video widely.

Electronic Intifada published an article on Lina’s case by Samidoun coordinator Charlotte Kates:

The article quotes Samira Shaladeh, Lina’s mother:

“I urge the solidarity organizations, those around the world who defend the rights of the Palestinian people, to raise the slogan of freedom for the student Lina Khattab and all imprisoned Palestinian students. She has the right to study media, like every other student at Birzeit University. We are struggling for Lina’s right to her freedom, to re-enter school and live her life like youth around the world,” said Shaladeh.

“Lina dreams of a free Palestine, free from all forms of violence and oppression,” Shaladeh added. “She is a voice of truth and dignity in this unjust world.”

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