OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)— 60-year-old Palestinian detainee Fathiya Khanfer, from Jenin, has been subjected to excruciating detention circumstances in the Israeli solitary lock-down of Neve Tirza, a human rights group reported Tuesday.

“Prisoner Khanfer is suffering from many diseases, most notably hypertension, and has undergone several surgeries right before her arrest,” a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner Society said.

The lawyer further quoted the female detainee as launching a cry for help over the unbearable detention circumstances she has been subjected to at the Neve Tirza lock-up, where neither ventilation, nor water, nor the sanitary conditions meet the least of her basic needs as a human being.

Earlier, in 2013, inmate Khanfer had spent 18 days in Israeli custody before she was sentenced to house arrest for a period of nine months and a 30-thousand-shekel fine. A round of court hearings culminated in a verdict sentencing the detainee to 11 months in jail.

Khanfer has appealed to the human rights institutions to immediately step in and save her life before it is too late, for neither her age nor health status can endure the psycho-physical torture perpetrated in the Israeli occupation jails.