Inminds’ Palestinian Prisoner Campaign held a protest on 21 August in London, marching from the Jordanian embassy to the Israeli embassy, to support Palestinian political prisoners. In particular, this protest focused on the case of Amer Jubran, longtime Palestinian activist who faced persecution and deportation from the United States and who is now facing 10 years of imprisonment in Jordan, accused of undermining Jordan’s relationship with Israel and the United States.  Jubran stated that he refused to betray or inform on the Lebanese resistance – and then faced persecution in Jordan’s “State Security Courts.”

The Free Amer Jubran Campaign is organizing to build support and demand Jubran’s freedom as a Palestinian political prisoner in Jordanian prison. Click here to take action for Jubran’s release, and for more information on his case:

The protesters then marched to the Israeli Embassy, denouncing any attempts to re-imprison Muhammad Allan, the Palestinian lawyer now recovering from his 65-day hunger strike, and demanding freedom for all Palestinian prisoners. Photos of the protest (see more at Inminds’ facebook):