Uday Isteiti suspended his hunger strike on 29 July, reported his lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh follwoing an agreement with the Prison Service; an agreement was signed that Isteiti will be released on 20 October 2015. Isteiti spoke with his family via telephone and informed them of the agreement.

Isteiti is currently held under administrative detention without charge or trial. His health weakened considerably in the several days prior to the agreement; he was denied a wheelchair and was unable to walk.

Muhammad Allan, a lawyer who is also held in administrative detention without charge or trial, has now been on hunger strike for 45 days. His strike is continuing amid the passage by the Knesset on 30 July of a law allowing the force-feeding of hunger strikers, a practice rejected by the Israeli Association, World Medical Association and International Committee of the Red Cross as inhumane, cruel and degrading treatment amounting to torture. Three Palestinian prisoners were killed by Israeli force feeding in the early 1980s and the new force-feeding law is clearly intended to undermine the gains and accomplishments of the Palestinian prisoners’ movement obtained through hunger strikes, the most recent being the release of Khader Adnan on 12 July.

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To Brigadier General Dani Afroni, Military Judge Advocate General and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu;

I write today to call for an immediate release of Palestinian hunger striker Muhammad Allan, held without charge or trial under administrative detention. He has been on hunger strike for over 45 days.

I also demand the end of the use of administrative detention. Like over 400 other Palestinians, Allan is being held without charge or trial and under secret evidence.

Dozens of Palestinian administrative detainees are boycotting the military courts that produce these arbitrary sentences with no charge and no trial. I join their call to end this detention.

The life of Muhammad Allan – and the lives of thousands of Palestinian prisoners- is precious to me and to people around the world. The eyes of the world are on these case, and the government of Israel is fully responsible for the hunger strikers’ health and lives.

Administrative detention violates the right to a fair trial as recognized in the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. It is a practice that is used to silence Palestinians without ever exposing the reality of such actions to the light of day – even in the rigged military court systems.

Allan must be released immediately and without condition, along with his fellow administrative detainees.


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