Muhammad Allan has threatened to resume his hunger strike if the Israeli military occupation does not release him from Barzilai Hospital and transfer him to Al-Najah hospital in Nablus, reported the Palestine Information Center.

Nasruddin Allan, Muhammad’s father, told PIC that his son told the Israeli administration of Barzilai hospital last Wednesday of his decision not to respond to doctors’ instructions or take any medication until the Israeli military occupation authorities stopped ignoring his request to transfer him to Nablus.

The father added that his son would also restart his hunger strike if the prosecution persisted in procrastinating over his transfer to Nablus. Allan, 31, is a Palestinian lawyer who was held in administrative detention without charge or trial since June 2014. He launched an open hunger strike in June 2015 following the extension of his detention without charge or trial and waged the strike for 65 days, suspending his strike after an Israeli supreme court decision that suspended his detention because of his severe health situation – including neurological damage – but failed to challenge administrative detention as a practice or policy. Allan was promised transfer to a Palestinian hospital after his medical crisis was alleviated yet remains in Barzilai hospital.

There are currently seven Palestinian administrative detainees engaged in an open hunger strike, the Battle of Breaking the Chains, demanding an end to administrative detention as a policy as well as their own detention. The five detainees who launched the strike, Nidal Abu Aker, Shadi Ma’ali, Ghassan Zawahreh, Badr al-Ruzza and Munir Abu Sharar, have now been on strike for 25 days, consuming only salt and water.