suleiman-skafiThe family of Suleiman Skafi, 30, a Palestinian prisoner held in Israeli jails under administrative detention on hunger strike against the policy, has launched a solidarity tent to support his strike outside his home in Al-Khalil. On 1 September, Skafi joined Nidal Abu Aker, Ghassan Zawahreh, Shadi Ma’ali, Badr al-Ruzza, Munir Abu Sharar and Bilal Daoud Saifi in the “Battle of Breaking the Chains,” an open hunger strike demanding an end to the imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or trial.

Skafi, like his fellow strikers, is suffering medically from his strike: he is experiencing weakness, body pains, stomach pains and insomnia. He has been transferred three times via “Bosta” during the strike and is held, like the other hunger strikers, in solitary confinement. Skafi is held now in isolation in the Naqab desert prison.

Skafi has been held without charge or trial under administrative detention since 12 November 2014 under secret evidence. He has been arrested five times and spent six years in Israeli jails, and after torture under interrogation, now experiences chronic pain in his joints and legs. He participated in the collective “Karameh” hunger strike against isolation in 2012 during his imprisonment.

Abu Aker, Zawahreh, Ma’ali, Abu Sharar and al-Ruzza have been on hunger strike since 20 August. They have all been transferred repeatedly and denied legal visits, held in solitary confinement. No information about their health has been released; meanwhile, fellow hunger striker Bilal Daoud Saifi has been denied his necessary medication for a chronic condition.

Actions in Palestine continued to support the prisoners; a rally in Gaza City was organized by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in support of the strike. The Democratic Assembly of Journalists joined the rally, expressing their support for their colleague Nidal Abu Aker, resident of Dheisheh refugee camp and a radio journalist for Sawt al-Wihda, the only radio station entirely produced inside the camp. A similar event, organized by all Palestinian political parties, will take place today, Tuesday, 15 September in Ramallah, with a protest tent to support the prisoners outside the ICRC, as well as marches and activities to support Jerusalem against Israeli attacks, and to demand freedom for the prisoners.