Over 90 Palestinians arrested by occupation forces since Monday


At least 90 Palestinians have been detained since Monday, 18 January, the majority in pre-dawn armed raids by Israeli occupation forces.

25 Palestinians were arrested on Thursday, 21 January, including two women from al-Aruj village east of Bethlehem – Rabaa al-Aruj and Fadda al-Aruj, the wife and mother of Ibrahim al-Arruj. They also detained Jaafar and Muhammad al-Arruj, Ibrahim’s brothers.

In Dheisheh refugee camp, occupation forces conducted a violent raid on the camp, firing stun grenades, tear gas and live bullets, and occupying homes in the camps. They stormed the family homes of Mufti al-Masri, 20, and Anas Abu Dayyeh, 21, ransacking their homes. The occupation forces met resistance from within the camp.

On Wednesday, 20 January, occupation forces detained 31 Palestinians, and on Tuesday, 19 January, they arrested 16 Palestinians, including storming the town of Yabad, near Jenin, raiding homes and distributing statements threatening retribution against local Palestinian youth.

On Monday, Israeli occupation forces arrested 32 Palestinians, including 13 from the town of Silwad and 11 from al-Khalil, including a young woman, Niveen Mohsen al-Jabari, 18.

These mass arrests came alongside the issuance, on Wednesday 20 January, 28 orders for administrative detention without charge or trial against Palestinians. There are currently over 660 Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails without charge or trial, and nearly 7,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails total.