Palestinian prisoner denied replacement pacemaker after 5-years expiration


Riad Amour, a Palestinian prisoner held in Eshel prison, is facing a serious health crisis as Israeli prison doctors are refusing to change the pacemaker installed in his chest five years ago; the device he has should be replaced every five years.

Palestinian prisoners have repeatedly reported medical neglect and mistreatment in Israeli jails, including the use of painkillers for all medical complaints, denial of tests in order to provide diagnoses, and denial of treatment for serious disease like cancer.

Amour suffers from numerous health problems; he was shot in the back and shrapnel remains in his body, and has lost a portion of his intestines and liver. His heart is functional only with the implanted pacemaker that now needs replacement; he had open heart surgery two years ago. He has been a spokesperson on many occasions for the severely ill prisoners in Ramle prison clinic.