Marches and rallies in Palestine and internationally respond to death of Omar Nayef Zayed in Bulgaria


Marches, rallies and protests took place throughout occupied Palestine on Friday, 26 February, in response to the killing of former Palestinian prisoner Omar Nayef Zayed in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria, where he had taken refuge from pursuit for extradition by Israeli and Bulgarian security forces.

Omar was found dead from a fall of multiple stories in the embassy’s garden on Friday morning; his family, political party and Palestinian officials have all declared it an assassination and demanded immediate investigation and accountability.

In Jenin, Omar Nayef Zayed’s family hometown, Palestinians marched through the streets to his family home, commemorating his life and demanding action for his death by assassination.

Protests also rose up throughout Gaza in memory of Nayef Zayed, demanding justice for his killing, in Khan Younis, Gaza City, Rafah, Jabalya and Nuseirat. Most of the marches and events inside Palestine were organized by his political party, the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Gaza City:

Khan Younis:




However, all Palestinian political factions condemned the killing, and demanded serious action and accountability, not only against the Israeli state and intelligence agencies, but also against the Palestinian Authority in whose embassy Zayed’s life was taken, and which allegedly contained no security cameras or alarm system despite the threat to Nayef Zayed’s life.

International protests for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners also demanded justice for Omar Nayef Zayed and exposure and accountability for those responsible for his killing. In New York City, Samidoun’s weekly protest demanded justice for Omar Nayef Zayed, while in London, Inminds spoke about his case while projecting his image on the headquarters of G4S, the massive security corporation that provides security equipment and control rooms for Israeli prisons, detention centers and checkpoints.

A memorial and celebration of Omar Nayef Zayed’s life is also planned in Chicago for Monday, 29 February at 8:00 pm in the event hall at Jerusalem Restaurant, at 83rd and Harlem.